These are the words chosen to describe and give validity to the utter annihilation
of an unsuspecting, innocent family of human beings.

Giving his blessing to "Our" destruction of "Them" based upon entirely relatiivistic ethical standards of thought, the US military officer promoting the bombing by drone admitted the true target of the murderous demon from the sky was not the the family but was intended for a different group of human beings the US  terms enemy.  The officer intended to exterminate bad guys that disliked us and are committed to harming the USA and so were viewed as our enemies... not the family and their friends that were mistakenly blown to bits of warm, fleshy debris.

At this timepoint in the ongoing evolution of homo sapiens it is worthy of introspection and objective analysis to understand the motivating triggers of human behavior toward Them...the enemy.  Are we humanoids even able to objectively contemplate motives which cascade into selfrighteous rationalization for deliberate violence and hatred of  ThemThem simply meaning humanoids who are not Us.  Are we doomed as a species due to our relativistic affirmation of our We group and its leaders while engaged in animalistic terrorizing of Them?

Tolerance and kindness
We humans are all related as brothers and sisters in a single family on this tiny planet.  Our home on the surface
of this beautiful space matter we call Earth spins on its axis at 1000 MPH.  It orbits our small star
at 67,000 mph.  Amazingly our star and Earth are mutually attracted to each other by
nvisible gravity as we all speed along at 490,000 mph around the
center of a single galaxy among billions upon
billions of other
galaxies.  And everyone in our earthbound family
dances together among the stars
on an unimaginable journey
from somewhere to somewhere else!
Love one another as we wish to be loved.
  Our sun and our earth