What is the best dog food?

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  What Is The Best Dog Food?  

With over a thousand different brands, types, and flavors of pet foods available it is a daunting task to decide which diet is the best for your dog.  The key to your decision (assuming your dog is healthy) should be to select a meat-based diet rather than a grain-based diet.  Chicken, beef, poultry or fish are preferred as the first (main) ingredient listed, not a grain such as corn or soy bean meal.  Some table foods such as eggs, cheese, meat and fish can be fed to dogs, too, and a mix of can, semi-moist, dry and "dinners" can contribute to a well balanced diet.

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We're getting a Newfie puppy!  This is our first dog and we want to feed him the best food possible.  
     There are so many kinds and brands and they all say Complete and Balanced and all claim to be "the best you can feed".  Are all dog or puppy foods the same or can you tell me which one is the best?


Answer:  what is... best food...  dogs
     Truthfully, there are several excell
ent puppy and adult foods available today and they all are meat-based; that is, an animal or fish source is the main ingredient and will be listed first on the Ingredient List.  Dogs, although not classified as a "true carnivore"  as is the cat, thrive best on dietary meat sources of fat and protein.  (Dogs with special medical problems may need a therapeutic diet, some of which are only available on the order of a veterinarian.)
     You would do well to select a nationally distributed brand of meat based diet such as a chicken and rice dry food.  And with growing pups of large breeds (or any breed) such as the Newfoundland you must not restrict the protein level as was in vogue several years ago due to faulty test protocols.  However, you do have to only feed an amount that permits normal growth and maintenance without allowing the dog to become overweight. 

Doctor's Notes
Important points about feeding...

 arrow right   Buy only good quality food because everything about the dog is founded on the nutrients from the diet.

 arrow right   If the dog is too thin, feed more: if too heavy, feed less and increase exercise levels.

arrow right   Meat based formulas are best for dogs and cats.

arrow right   Ignore "how much to feed" suggestions on the label and only feed an amount that maintains good body weight.

arrow right   Each dog is unique regarding "how much to feed". 

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