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View quick answers to common questions about dog and cat health care.  Veterinary medical images and videos were taken "on the job"  to illustrate the many Q and A format topics. 

All answers to common questions about dog and cat health
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     How do I find quick answers to questions about dog and cat health problems?  I might just want a quick outline with brief explanations.  If I want more in-depth articles about pet veterinary medical conditions, how can I read more about some topics?
     Veterinary medical images and videos, too, would be very helpful.  I want to learn all I can about veterinary medical topics about dogs and cats.

     There is no substitute for a hands-on, in-person evaluation of a patient needing veterinary medical care and that's why the quick answers are general in nature and often touch on a variety of potential causes, diagnostic methods, and treatments for dog and cat, puppy and kitten medical issues.
     Veterinary diagnostic, therapeutic and preventive knowledge closely parallels human medicine.  Cancer therapy, digital imaging techniques, endoscopic surgery, data storage and sharing... all are far more sophisticated than just a few years ago.  The pet health care info on this site is divided into a quick reference outline form as well as article format for in-depth explanations in easy to understand style.
     Thank you for visiting.
     T. J. Dunn, DVM

Image of a cat spay surgery Image of a healthy cat Image of a puppy chewing a bone Image of an x-ray view of dog hip dysplasia
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How do I know that the pet health care information and the dog and cat question and answer topics are valid and credible information?
     My vet tells me to be cautious about any online veterinary medical information.
     R.D.,  Memphis

Answer:  from Director, T. J. Dunn, DVM
     Great question!  I agree totally with your local veterinarian and I tell my own clients the same thing.  As director of content for this website I control whatever you see, including who the sponsors are and where the links go.  Keep a critical mindset about what is presented online, including this site!  If you see anything in that seems in error or is confusing, I want to know about it!
     I have two motives for creating this site:  The main priority is to give dog and cat owners quick access to intelligent answers to commonly asked pet dog and cat health care questions.
     The second is to create revenue via the sponsors.  If I put my 45 years of veterinary experience to good use, and pet owners respond approvingly, to earn a living providing a service to pet owners is even more enjoyable.

Doctor's Notes
    There will be variety of tips, warnings, and comments in this column.  You will find links to our sponsors and other useful data.

Read the instructions!
     Many flea and tick products work from within the skin's oil layer; if you wash the oils off by shampooing before you apply the topical medication, it may not be effective!

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