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Important points to consider before you buy that pet!

The key word to remember is COMPATIBILITY. 
Will your new pet’s quality of life be compatible
with your own life style and needs?



1.    Pick the right species.  Dog, cat, fish, pocket pet, etc.  Remember reptiles must have very specific environments, diets, and health care and should never pose a danger to someone unfamiliar with your pet reptile.

2.      Pick the right breed.  For example, retrievers, terriers, or spaniels genetically require more activity than the house pet breeds such as a Chihuahua or Bichon Frise.

3.     Select the appropriate age… adult and trained (or with established habits good/bad); pup/kitten you can train yourself.

Ask yourself if you:

…understand the expected life span of the pet (parrots +30 years; dogs and cats +16 years; ferret 5-6 years

…have the free time to interact with the pet every day

… can comfortably pay for high quality food (definitely not the less expensive discount foods)?

…afford common veterinary costs.

…boarding or pet sitter when you are away.

…have studied the idiosyncrasies of the type of pet you are going to acquire.

…your pet will be compatible with neighborhood pets/people/free space

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