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Video Of Newborne Puppies 

These newborn puppies were delivered by Cesarean procedure.  The mother was unable to pass these pups on her own so veterinary surgery was needed to assist.  The owner of the mother dog requested she be spayed after the pups were removed.  In these cases the mother can still continue to produce milk for the pups until weaning at 31/2 to 4 weeks of age.

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pyometra in a dog
Infected dog uterus called pyometra.  These tissues muct be excised!

uterus infection in a dog
Serious pyometra with one uterine horn ready to rupture

cats at spay neuter clinic
Cats in carriers at a spay and neuter clinic

cat spay surgery
View of a cat spay surgery
Especially in smaller breeds there can be considerable physical stress associated with pregnancy and delivery. Additionally, past 65 days of gestation there is a greater chance for the placenta to separate from the uterine wall.  When placental separation occurs the delicate interface between the mother's blood and the pup's blood is compromised.  This is where exchanges of nutrients and waste products such as carbon dioxide are made so any interference with placental-uterine communication quickly leads to the demise of the fetus.

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