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A Video Of A
Spleen Removal Surgery In A Dog


The spleen is an organ that commonly develops cancerous tumors and as a result needs removal via surgery to assist the patient.  Often the splenic tumors are confined to or originate from the dog's spleen and splenectomy can add years to the patient's life.   Splenic tumors are much more common in dogs than in cats.  The video presented here is of a patient that displayed no other signs of tumor metastasis and did very well after the surgery.

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Tumors of the spleen in dogs is far more common than in a cat.  There are several types of tumors of the spleen; some are benign and do not spread to other tissues.  Some are malignant and can spread (metastasize) to other areas of the body.

splenic tumor lymphoma
Spleenomegaly (enlarged spleen) infiltrated with malignant lymphocytes.  Diagnosis on histopathology was malignant lymphoma of the sple

 Video Of Surgery To Remove A Dog's Splenic Tumor 

The spleen and associated tumor were removed successfully and the patient made an uneventful recovery and lived a normal life thereafter.  Prior to removal of the spleen, called a spleenectomy,  the abdominal cavity was thoroughly inspected for metastases and none werew visible.


Splenic tumors of dogs can rupture and bleed into the abdomen.  The first sign of trouble is noted by the dog's unwillingness to play or interact.  Sometimes the gums will be pale and the dog may seem "out of breath" while simply resting

Spleen lymphoma
Closeup of the spleen with malignant lymphoma displays how infiltrative this type of cancer can be.  Lymphocyts invade virtually all tissues in the body; brief control may be achieved but
there is no cure.

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